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Jenessa Ransom
Rexburg, ID
United States

Pushy and not helpful

This is the worst bridal shop I've been to. The staff were really pushy especially the manager. They were not very helpful at all. I showed them a picture of the type of dress I was looking for, then they pulled a bunch of dresses out that looked nothing like my picture. They have three rules, no pictures until you say yes to the dress, only one favorite dress at a time and you must be honest. Well I was honest and I said I don't like those dresses but they said well try it on anyways. Finally I went and picked my own dress that was closer to what I was looking for. Then it seemed that everyone in the store was trying to give me their own opinion so instead of 1 person helping me I had 3 including the manager. They were great saleswomen and used scare tactics mostly to persuade me to buy the dress. After feeling extremely pressured and very negative towards the people around me I bought the dress. Then 2 hrs later realized I didn't like it. I immediately called back to see what could be done. After 4 days of phone tag and fighting and a policy of refusing to talk to my mom but only me, we still had to pay for the dress even though I wasnt going to use it, with only 140 dollars given back as a refund. For a bride to be looking for a dress do not go to these people, they are mean and pushy and not helpful at all.

Karen Brown Cleveland
Oakland, California

Love, love, loved my dress

Wow! What can I say, my dress was amazing! They were able to customize my dress from a long mermaid to a knee length a-line cut dress, and provided me with a substantial deal on the dress. The team was so patient with my requested changes and completed everything in record time, customer service was top notch. So, our wedding last year was a very small intimate ceremony, this year we will be celebrating again, but on a grander scale. I will wear a new dress for the ceremony, but the dress that I had done at Margene's will serve as my second dress for the reception. Thanks Margene and team!

Karen S.
Oakland, CA

Margene's has been custom fitting and repairing clothes for our family for the last 9 years

Margene's has been custom fitting and repairing clothes for our family for the last 9 years - ever since I threw down the towel with my former seamstress whose fine work was overshadowed by orders that were so often not ready on the specified date. Some wedding party garments, but mostly women's professional attire, dresses etc. for me and my daughters, and even men's slacks and sport jackets. The shop is efficient, the service friendly, and the workmanship of high quality. And on top of that, Margene's assistant, Victoria is a dressmaker in her own right and gives unerring advice on style, such as hemline length or a skirt that seems too wide or too narrow. Want to update the look of an old favorite? Bring your Dana Buchmann jacket, she'll advise narrow the shoulders and shorten the cuffs. Wondering about a necklace or earrings to complete the look? Try on their collection of affordable crystal jewelry. Once you get used to clothing that fits YOU perfectly, you will put your wardrobe dollar into fewer quality pieces tailored for you to enjoy your wardrobe knowing you look and feel your very best.

Griselda S.
n/a, n/a

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a job well done!

This letter is way overdue, nevertheless, I have had a need to write and thank you for fixing my daughters dress.

In October my daughter got married. Visiting from out of town before the wedding, I (her mother) took the liberty of attempting to press her dress. Two days before the wedding I burned a couple of small holes on her dress. Yikes!!! What an awful feeling and experience, honestly I was in total shock. The concierge at the hotel where we were staying suggested we take it to your shop, and when we did, your warmth and professional experience got it taken care of. I still remember you saying in such calmness we can just change the flowers around. It was apparent that you had some similar experiences in the past and had the material to repair the dress.

You fixed the dress and even got it pressed!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a job well done! You were my hero!

Best wishes, keep up the great job. You will never be forgotten.

Griselda S.

Linh H.
San Jose, CA
United States

Thank you for the generous assistance that you gave me during my dress fitting at Margene's Bridal

Thank you for the generous assistance that you gave me during my dress fitting at Margene's Bridal. Everyone's patience made my first dress fitting experience pleasant and fun. I really appreciate your help with my fitting when my girlfriends were unable to be with me to help me out. Again, thank you for making this a wonderful experience for me! May you always enjoy success at Margene's Bridal.
With sincere appreciation and wormiest thanks to you.
Your's truly
Linh H.

Andrea H.
Martinez, CA

I love this place! Vicki is amazing!

I went to a few places to find my wedding dress and just could not find "the one." My mom read about Margene's so we went there. after just about and hour we found my dress. Margene helped me the very first day that we found my dress and she is the cutest woman! Every other time I went in Vicki helped me and I adore her! They have great service, nice people and a very good selection. The alterations were done very well and my dress looked amazing the day of my wedding. So I would recommend this place to every bride, or anyone who needs some alterations on any kind of clothing.

Julie L.
Emeryville, CA

I wish I could give this place more than 5 stars.

Last September, I bought my dress at Priscilla of Boston in San Jose during their closing sale. All their sample gowns were 40% off, meaning that the prices were good but there wasn't much of a selection in regards to sizing.

I found the dress of my dreams but was aware that I would have to get it altered from its original size 14 to probably a size 4. I sent pictures of my dress to a high end bridal boutique in San Francisco, and they came back to me with an estimated cost of $1,000 for alterations due to the beading and detailing of the dress.

A friend living in Oakland recommended Margene to me, and I knew I was in the right hands upon arrival. Vicki, Margene and the tailors fitted my dress to perfection - I still can't believe what an amazing job they did at more than 50% less than the quote I received from the high end boutique in SF. I went in for various fittings and each time Vicki was so patient with me. I wanted to order a sash for my dress, but seeing that my dress had a slight hint of a pink undertone, Margene's went out of their way to order me a custom sash that would match my dress perfectly, instead of just sending me a plain ivory one. My mom ended up buying her dress for the wedding here as well!

Margene & Vicki - thank you so much for making my wedding day so special. Your amazing skills and great customer service are unparalleled. Keep up the great work! Thank you again!

Oakland, CA

Without a doubt in my mind I decided to come back to your store!

I went in on Monday, and your store manager Vicky helped me, I will be back for a fitting, I believe my alterations will be around $400 or slightly more depending on the bustle. At the original bridal store where i purchased my gown i was quoted $310 for alterations, but without a doubt in my mind I decided to come back to your store. I have been treated with the up most cordial and spectacular respect and friendly manner and I really appreciate that from yourself and your staff. My bridesmaid is also having her dress worked on in your store and she and i both have really loved our experience at Margene's Bridal. I look forward to seeing you all on July 4 and I will be referring more of my friends to your location

Kimmie Garcia
Alameda, California

How do you say Awesome MARGENE'S

I actually came here with out an appointment and really felt badly about it, The staff is incredibley awesome from Victoria to Margene. I tried on quite a few dresses and I would have never picked them out. They all looked fantastic :-) I salute you with a glass of champaigne!!! Thank you for caring and sharing.

Kirstin M.
Berkeley, CA

I would highly recommend Margene's Bridal

I had my wedding dress custom made through a company online, and went to Margene's to get it fitted. Margene's did a beautiful job with my dress, and I had excellent service every time I went into the shop.
When I went through a crazy phase of wanting a lace train to wear over my silk dress, fortunately for me, Margene had something similar in stock to what I was imagining. Although it wasn't in my size, and was not available to order, Margene had me try it on over my dress and while I liked the look, it gave me the clarity I needed and which I think Margene agreed - I should not cover up my beautiful dress with something else. Thank goodness for wise guidance that helped me realize what I truly wanted and needed.
My dress was gorgeous on my wedding day, fit perfectly, and I felt very comfortable in it all day long. That was very important, and they did a beautiful job. They helped me with various decisions: whether to wear a petticoat or not (not) and how to shape the dress and the bottom hem, and we discovered that simplest was best for me and my dress. They could have pressured me to buy a lot of things, but never did. I would highly recommend them.

Elenka P.
Oakland, CA

My wedding is more than a year away - but so far, I really love Margene's

I made my appointment the day before going to Margene's because my mother was going to be in town for the weekend and it suddenly occurred to me that we should start looking for wedding dresses. Like some of the other reviewers here, I have not been planning my wedding for my whole life and the idea of shopping for a dress was a bit of a terrifying prospect for me.

I had been looking at things online, but of course I forgot to print anything out before my appointment. Victoria was fine with my lack of preparation and pulled out a binder of pictures of dresses for me to look at with her so she could get an idea of what I was looking for. She did a great job of listening to what I liked/didn't like in any given style and pulled a few dresses for me to start that were all great options.

I ended up setting aside almost every dress she pulled as a maybe - with pretty much every dress I tried being better than the next and superseding the previous one at the top of the list. She responded to my reactions to the previous dresses and to the way they were fitting on me to pick out new dresses for me to try that would complement my figure, coloring, etc. even better than the ones she had pulled out at first.

Eventually, she had me try on a strapless dress. I had gone in saying I didn't want a strapless, since I had never found a strapless dress in my life that made me look good. Well, she had me try this one for the shape & explained that she could add a cap sleeve with alteration, bringing out some example sleeves to show. The second I had the dress on, I loved it & knew it was the one.

I will update my review as I go back for my alterations, etc. - my wedding is more than a year away - but so far, I really love Margene's.

Crystal Yokom
Payette, Idaho
United States

Didn't need to go ANYWHERE ELSE!!

My daughter had the experience that she wanted and deserved at Margene's! Jaylee was AWESOME!! She pulled dresses that my daughter had described PERFECTLY!! She chose one, the first night shopping =) We went 'other' places to make sure that it was the ONE and the experiences that we had at the 'other' shops paled in comparison to the experience and expertise that the Margene's staff offered!! THANK YOU for truly making this a ONCE in a LIFETIME experience!!! =)

Rebecca B.
Bay Area, CA

Thank you for making my dress buying experience so special

Hi Margene,
I wanted to thank you and Vicki for making my dress buying experience so special.
Thanks again!

Dayna R.
Oakland, CA

Margene is a life saver.

Margene is a life saver. Truly. I have had a difficult time with the wedding dress aspect of my wedding. I am on my second dress and it has proven to be extremely complicated to alter. I first brought it to a woman who works out of her home in Alameda and she had the audacity to try and charge me $1000 to alter my dress! CRAZY. Especially since my dress COST $1300. I was pretty disheartened after that. I proceeded to go to 2 other places in Oakland. One in Broadway and one on Piedmont avenue. Both places refused to do the dress. The guy on Broadway couldn't do a french bustle and the lady on Piedmont was pretty rude and actually REFUSED to do it because it was too much work.

In a panic I went to Margene's Bridal in hopes that they could do something with this dress of mine. They didn't even blink an eye. They pinned me up no problem. Plus, they charged me HALF the price of that crazy lady in Alameda. First fitting went great. They were pros and got my french bustle perfect. Second fitting went great as well...they took in the bodice seamlessly. Now I have a third fitting on Saturday for some issues in the bust, but I am confident they will do a great job. Additionally, their customer service is great. They are attentive and really know what they are talking about.

Olga B.
Hayward, CA

Thank you "Margenes" for the wonderful experience

My wedding is in 2 weeks. I am nervous and super excited! From my whole wedding planning experience I would like to say that the time I spent at "Margenes" was the best time I've had. The owner Margene and sales manager Vicki are not only extremely professional, but they're also very caring, patient and understanding ladies. I bought my beautiful gown and 5 BM dresses there. "Margenes" even made a vest for my sweetie. We had our dresses altered there by a very good seamstress. I also bought my veil and earrings there. I would recommend Margenes Bridal to every bride. Thank you "Margenes" for the wonderful experience.

jennifer d.
Fairfield, CA

The best bridal store i've been too

The best bridal store i've been too. excellent one-on-one service. margene has years and years of experience and tons and tons of patience. i found a dress that was well under my budget and did not feel pressure at all to buy an expensive dress. i had no idea what i wanted in terms of a veil or jewelry, but margene was able to pull out exactly what looked perfect with my dress and my features.

let me reiterate that this is not a shop for bridezillas or girls who think they are princesses. i would not wish that at all for margene and her staff. it is a cozy, well-run shop with staff that is attentive, patient, and above all experienced.

Mei G.
Oakland, CA

It was fun!

I haven't even bought a dress yet. I stopped by today after a work out and was looking a mess, and they were totally nice to me. I also didn't have an appointment, but Marg took her time to show me lots of dresses that were the style I was looking for and suggested some others, too. I found a great dress for $400 and another for $800 and some nice styles in the clearance section as well. She was also very clear about the pricing and timelines for alterations. They can order pretty much anything you want to try on. I'll keep coming back until I find the one. It was kind of fun!

Rachel M.
Pinole, CA

After 30 dresses I fell in love with my dress! :)

It was the last dress I tried on and with the help of Gina and dress is "the one!"
Before getting here, I told my mom...I think this is the place! I had a feeling that I was going to buy my dress here. I had an appointment @ 2:30 and got there a hour early. The ladies had no problem seeing me early and gave me their full attention.
It was a great experience! It's a family owned and operated business and they have the best deals out there!

Sophie W.
Hayward, CA

I had a great time at Margene's

I had a great time at Margene's store. Great gown selection, friendly sales staff, nice little store. Prices are fair, and for the service that you get there, the prices seem even better!

K S.
Berkeley, CA

I love Vicky!

One of my friends told me she had a great experience at Margene's Bridal and that Vicky would know what kinds of wedding dresses would look good on me. I was very concerned about some of my features standing out, and so it was important to me to find someone who would be able to find a dress that accentuated my best features and at the same time would hide my worst. Vicky was amazing. She found dresses that looked gorgeous on me. She was great to work with, very on point and considerate. She really took the time to work with me and picked up on my vibe when I was really feeling a specific style.
On my first visit she took down the list of dresses that I liked, and on my second visit she had no problem switching gears when I had totally come up with a new vision of my wedding dress. She knew exactly what I wanted, pulled it out for me and that was it, I had found my wedding dress.
I'm getting married in June and I can't wait. The dress fits me perfectly, doesn't require any alterations and I could wear it tomorrow feeling perfectly comfortable without any feelings of self consciousness whatsoever.
Thank you Vicky!!!!

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Ting Ting H.
Union City, CA
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