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50 Years in Business Certificate from City of Oakland
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People Love Us On Yelp!
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I was shopping for the wedding gown rental. At first I came to this store without appointment, but the lady who helped me called Vicky was so helpful. I do found several rental wedding gown I love there (although I didn't rent it over there). The second time I went there still without appointment, she is still trying her best to find the perfect gown for me. At the end, I bought a 200 dollars ( after 50% off) wedding gown and I am so happy. They have lots of selection and are so beautiful. The price is good too!... more >
Ting Ting H.
Union City, CA

I went in there on a Saturday, I put as much $$ in the meter as I could, expecting a long wait (I didn't have an appt or anything). I ended up being helped immediately by a lovely and professional blond and was out the door in 7 minutes!! (and the alteration came in @ a do-able $25 bucks). I took a bridesmaid dress to a place across the street last year, and the alteration, granted requiring more work, cost me as much as the dress itself. It is no comparison which establishment I would refer a friend to - GO TO MARGENE'S AND GET QUICK EFFICIANT SERVICE FOR A REASONABLE PRICE.... more >
Martha B.
Oakland, CA

Margene is a life saver. Truly. I have had a difficult time with the wedding dress aspect of my wedding. I am on my second dress and it has proven to be extremely complicated to alter. I first brought it to a woman who works out of her home in Alameda and she had the audacity to try and charge me $1000 to alter my dress! CRAZY. Especially since my dress COST $1300. I was pretty disheartened after that. I proceeded to go to 2 other places in Oakland. One in Broadway and one on Piedmont avenue. Both places refused to do the dress. The guy on Broadway couldn't do a french bustle and the lady on Piedmont was pretty rude and actually REFUSED to do it because it was too mu... more >
Dayna R.
Oakland, CA
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